Brandon is dependable and cares about our business. When we need legal support, we know that Brandon is there to follow through. He has been extremely helpful in navigating the regulatory and legal challenges of our industry.

– Assurascript Pharmacy, LLC

Brandon is an excellent lawyer who is determined to obtain the best result for his client. Brandon was available to talk any time I needed him and was prompt in providing me updates with my case.

– Matt P.

Brandon is an outstanding lawyer! … Even when the case may be out of his skill set he knows the right people in the business to refer. Brandon talks to me like a real person, like someone I’ve known for years. He never sugarcoats the truth. He reminds me of the kids in high school who paid attention in class to do their absolute best! If you’re facing legal problems don’t hesitate to call him, he actually calls people back in a reasonable amount of time.

– Louie A.

Very responsive — happy with my results.

– Madeline W.

I am a fellow attorney in the community. Brandon is ethical, personable and dependable. He is deeply interested in the work he does and is always available to walk through a tough issue with a fellow lawyer.

– Daniel S.

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